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  • Shatterproof scratchproof hard glass lens
  • Anti-glare coating 
  • Wide-angle clear rear view
  • 360-degree adjustable arm
  • Adjustable arm length
  • Tough fiber-reinforced Nylon structure
  • Easy installation


The MR22 incorporates a shatterproof, scratchproof hard glass lens of 117 mm in width with an anti-glare coating, giving the rider an incomparable comprehensive clear rear view. The arm, both length-adjustable and 360-degree adjustable, is versatile to cope with any installation difficulties. In addition, the MR22 can be stowed away by folding it around the ball joint after the bike is parked to protect the lens and make parking easier. The MR22 fits flat dia. 22.2 mm (7/8″) handlebars. Nylon-structured, the MR40 weighs only 171 grams. The left and right hand versions combined with the blue and silver/chrome coating options create 4 variations for the MR22.


bike mirror, shatterproof, scratchproof glass, clear wide-angle rear views, bar-end mount bike mirror, nylon structure, blue
Mirror MR10
bike mirror, shatterproof, scratchproof glass, clear wide-angle rear-view, handlebar mount, 360-degree adjustable arm, foldable, aerodynamic arm, nylon structure, e-bike mirror, chrome silver right
Mirror MR21