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  • Pressure capability of 100 psi or 6.9 bar
  • Precise CNC-machined aluminum structure 
  • Efficient pumping with a piston of optimized size for all types of bike
  • Detachable flexible hose stored in handle 
  • Threaded Presta and Schrader connectors on both ends of the hose
  • Inline integrated pressure gauge 
  • Non-slip texture on handle 
  • No air leak with thread-in valve connectors


The CNC-machined 100 psi PP11 bike hand pump is efficient pumping gear with a piston size optimized for all types of bike.  The detachable flexible hose, which can be stowed away inside the aluminum structure, has an inline integrated pressure gauge that checks accurate pressure while pumping. On both ends of the hose are a threaded Presta connector and a threaded Schrader connector that cope with difficult valve locations. Additionally, thread-in valve connection ensures no air leak while pumping air into tire. The PP11 comes with a bracket and two bolts that fastens it to a down tube or seat tube with standard bolt pitch. Measuring 225(L) x 25(Dia.) mm and weighing as light as 115 gram, the PP11 is a perfect cycling companion for riders of various cycling styles.


aluminum hand bike pump with thread-in Presta and Schrader valve connectors
Pump PP10
bike multitool, 6 functions, stainless steel frame & bits, long leverage, slim compact, lightweight, allen/hex key 4/5/6 Torx 25/30 PH1 cross, bits drives stretched
Multitool MT10