bike rider cycling off-road mountain edge, front wheel on right



Entrac ergonomic lock-on bike Grip GP20
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plastic bottle cage low on side smooth access and easy return
Entrac ergonomic lock-on bike Grip GP20


  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Shock-absorbent with optimized elasticity  to minimize fatigue and numbness
  • Non-slip
  • Precise CNC-machined aluminum lock ring with anodization finish
  • Easy-to-install


Made from durable thermoplastic elastomer / rubber, or TPR, the Ridge is a two-tone ergo bike grip with an aluminum inner lock-on ring that is CNC-machined and color-anodized. The fine-tuned elasticity of the TPR coupled with the way it is shaped and textured makes the Ridge an optimized grip in terms of comfort and total non-slip traction for the rider. The wrist support is so formed that its edge is streamlined from outer end to center to fit the thumb of the rider to a T. This curved edge resembles a ridge, which is why it’s named. The Ridge helps get riders anywhere they want to be, high and low, more comfortably.


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