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  • Shatterproof scratchproof hard glass lens
  • Anti-glare coating 
  • Big thin-rimmed diameter 80 mm  lens
  • Wide-angle clear rear view
  • Highly adjustable, foldable
  • Stylish deluxe design
  • Tough fiber-reinforced Nylon structure
  • Fits flat bars with an inner diameter 17 ~ 22 mm
  • Easy-to-install


The MR30, a thin-rimmed bar-end bike mirror with an anti-glare lens as big as 80 mm in diameter, renders a comprehensive clear wide-angle rear view for the rider. The lens, as with those of the other Entrac mirrors, is scratch-proof that ensures a clear and crisp rear view regardless of how long it’s been put into use. In addition, the shatterproof lens protects to the rider from hurt upon its accidental breaking. Connecting the bar-end plug and the mirror frame is a stylish arm that makes the MR30 highly adjustable and hence foldable so it can be stowed when not in use. What’s more, the flexible plug adapts itself to fit flat handlebars with an inner diameter ranging from 17 ~ 22 mm at both ends. The MR30 is highly functional in safety and fascinating in design.


bike mirror, shatterproof, scratchproof glass, clear wide-angle rear views, bar-end mount bike mirror, nylon structure, blue
Mirror MR10
bike mirror, shatterproof, scratchproof glass, clear wide-angle rear-view, handlebar mount, 360-degree adjustable arm, foldable, aerodynamic arm, nylon structure, e-bike mirror, chrome silver right
Mirror MR21